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Monday, April 17, 2017 - 11:46 AM UTC
Trumpeter has finished the test build of the BMPT-72 "Terminator 2". It just requires some minor corrections and it will be done.
The Terminator 2 is very similar to its predecessor but being an upgrade to existing T-72 tanks -on which is based.

There is not much information on the model, except for a good amount of photo etch parts and tracks of a different material from the rest of the kit.
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People tend to happily celebrate any kits released by some manufacturers like Meng or Tiger Models, regardless of their accuracy. Of course there's no kit without flaws, errors or simplified details, but quite often some comments are completely biased by personal feelings instead of objective views. So, any Meng or Tiger Models mistake is easily forgiven because some AM company will release some stuff to fix them. But when a Trumpeter kit shows any error, it seems that the "modeling-Armaggedon" had arrived. Give me a break... Yes, frequently Meng's kits look -and are- more accurate or with crisper details than the Trumpeter's kit of the same vehicle. But frequently does not mean always. Same happens with Tiger Model's kits. They are usually very well engineered and show a good level of detail, but they also usually suffer from a number of errors. It's up to each one to decide if each kit's errors make them better or worse -for instance in comparison with Trumpeter or Hobby Boss ones-. I for one will stay with Hobby Boss Nagmachon any given day, over Tiger Model's one. What I will never buy is the idea that no error is big because it can be fixed with AM stuff and so I should be happy to spend 60+ bucks in the kit and a similar amount to solve its errors. BTT, in this case, I will also wait for trumpeter's kit...
APR 20, 2017 - 03:46 AM
Hi there: It will be good to see the barrel cover which accurately shows that tiger version has is correct.If you can convince me with that. But.........not that 3D render pic from the manual. I would like to see a photograph from it.
APR 20, 2017 - 04:14 AM
That make sense. I have no intention to bias but somehow now we are getting far away from it and sometimes even have double standard on the kit. Kits from Trumpeter must be with error and can not be let go. Meng kit....we love it and I'm good with flaws.! etc.. honestly.....I don't want to say but hey...here comes the poison... Both meng and Trumpeter have SCUD, trumpeter released one and Meng has no sign since then..only gossips about they are going to ....they are going to...for 2 years already? Then we have Smerch....both trumpy and meng has it and people chasing meng... However here comes the issue... SCUD TEL is base on MAZ7911 while 9A52-2 Smerch is based on MAZ543M, MAZ543M has longer chassis and different engine and interior than MAZ7911. they are similar but they are totally different...the Only smerch base on MAZ7911 is 9A52 Smerch early type。。 After I double checked those detail from Meng and Trumpy kit as I have both...I found the entire chassis and interior of Meng 9A52-2 Smerch showed you a MAZ7911 configuration. only the exterior cabin is a 9A52-2. Yup, the total length is also a MAZ7911 configuration.... In addition about the launcher..Trumpy kits need you to glue the guide rail yourself...Meng molded it directly on the sprue...good? sounds good but rolling degree is totally a mess..... There are people who dont like trumpy T-72/90 naboly radiation coat bolt for too complicated. Did meng offered you a good solution? We all love meng track links as they are movable so as suspension..but I even can not weathering it with normal white spirit wash or it got cracked down..(already destroyed my bradley tracks..) No intention to bias. If I want I would already have post here to show my find...I'm on the side of No brand is perfect...and no kit is perfect... But on BMPT-72 release is...Obviously there is one that is so rushy to occupy the market with no accuracy check..If those detail cant not be see or checked when they released..fine no problem. but truth is not...as for the crispy...it can be done by photoshop. quite easy..
APR 20, 2017 - 04:36 AM
Hi Everybody; IMHO People Should do A lil-Home Work or Research before they say A kit is Not Accurate !!!!!!!!!! It never Fails to Amaize me when someone is Looking at A T-90 with 8 spoke road wheels and say's "Thats Not Accurate" --When you can even Go on the e-net and find them with all the same road wheels and even mixed with 6 or 8 spoked road wheels ! Now if your Building A paticular vehicle then it mite matter ! -- To say A kit is Not Accurate when it has not even been on the Market for six month's and researched is A Bit Premature ! Everyone Builds for Different reasons, and I as One individual will research A Subject before I even Cut plastic !!--But Im Strange CHEERS; MIKE.
APR 20, 2017 - 06:40 AM
Hello there.I'm still waiting for the photo of that barrel cover photo... I would like to say you can find enough photo of BMPT-72 on internet which can show you enough detail to research. Honestly I believe you mixed up the bmpt and bmpt-72....BMPT has design change from 2008-2015 but BMPT-72 has only changed the cover... Just stop avoiding the question....it is not the matter of version...The kit is just wrong and wrong.... Still....not T-90 has 8 bolts wheels.. only T-72 does Link to bmpt-72 LINK
APR 20, 2017 - 02:31 PM
Let's just say who is doing homework research properly........ This is what BMPT-72 has at Kazakhstan Defence Expo in 2013,with early Thermal cover. You can also see the barrel details here..not just two round holes... then in 2015 we can see the cover has some changes first is the frontal cover is not flat anymore... with this photo you can see what the top looks like in 2015, which the cooling holes with angles. not line up straight.... So where is the older one? they mounted it on BMPT in 2015... see the red arrow? there is some detail on the top... more close up if you see it is not clear...see the light came through the hole? BMPT during RAE2013
APR 20, 2017 - 02:56 PM
Nice reference photos! Yeah, I want to see some other photos that may dispute these. Frenchy (Henri), do you have anything in your arsenal?
APR 20, 2017 - 08:46 PM
Hi Guys; "GEEEEEZZZZ"--You seem Intent on Pissing about the Thermo Shroud; Even the T-90 can be seen with Different 6 spoke road wheels, the newer type has more of A flower petal type design ! Are you going to say, thats not accurate !! Just Build the Thing the way you want & Have Fun !! CHEERS; MIKE.
APR 21, 2017 - 09:02 AM
hello there. Let's be real there, you are the one who claims it is accurate here.I'm not pissing about the barrel cover, just feel disappointed about what you want to hold and ignoring those issues. If you think you are ok with tiger bmpt and willing to stay with those issues. No prob. But there are ppl out there who deserve better and want their money on better kit. Last thing. we are discussing the accuracy of the kit.If you have proof. send it out. But you have none. have fun with that.
APR 21, 2017 - 02:10 PM

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