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Monday, February 07, 2011 - 12:47 AM UTC
We've finished the revision of the AMPS contest rules and asked our web-master to publishing them in the Show and Convention portion of the AMPS web-site (www.amps-armor.org). They should be available shortly.

We've made one major change in the AMPS contest rules for this year. This change is the addition of a Vignette Category (Category XI). Vignettes are similar to dioramas and are scored in the same manner. The key difference is that vignettes do NOT have to tell a story. This category is designed and intended for modelers that have expanded out from pure armor modeling to include figures, groundwork and/or scenery, or for figure modelers who wish to set their figure(s) into a landscaped scene. It allows the modeler in this category to have his entire work judged without being put in the diorama category where storyline plays a key role. For example, a tank crew sitting on a tank or a soldier nearby a vehicle adds interest but does not necessarily tell a story. It is up to the modeler to decide if they think their work is a diorama or a vignette. It is also up to the modeler to determine if they want to enter a regular model category or the Vignette Category.

Mike Petty
Chief Judge
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Thank youi A.M.P.s. Finally we don't have to compete where we don't belong. It has been a long time coming and I for one appriciate this move. A 4"x4" vignette is totaly drowned out by large dio's, kind of like the mouse and the hawk in the last final act of defiance. The one point I disagree with is no story points. If there is no story, it's just a vehical and figure or figure. Even with just figures, a story is needed to blend it all together in my opinion. But, I will settle for this new catagory happily.
FEB 07, 2011 - 02:17 AM