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Tiger Productions has informed us of changes in the ownership of HQ72 Resin Products.
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The Custom Dioramics line has been purchased by Tiger Productions Diorama Products. This will result in their products slowly becoming available to the modeller again.
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A new resin casting of a collapsed trench has been released by Tiger Productions.
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And the last news items from Tiger Werke today, 1/72 scale buildings for your diorama use.
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Adding to a list of news items from Tiger Werke, a new series is on the way from Tiger Worke, “Dio In A Box”.
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A list of new items from Tiger Werke to add a monument or shrine to your next diorama is now available.
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Two new Wedgies are in the news from Tiger Werke, you can chose between Italian or French.
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A first from Tiger Werke at Tiger Productions, a new series of vignettes.
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Tiger Werke have announced a new set of bunkers and you might be surprised at the size.
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Dear Friends. For general release at the AMPS International show in early April and on our web site on 4/15. We present 4 more Sunken Road sections/bases from our sister company Tiger Productions Diorama Products
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Tiger Productions Diorama Products have launched a new web site that covers all it's sister companies: Tiger Werke, HQ72 Resin Products, General Issue Resin Figures.

New Diorama accessories are to be released by both Tiger Productions and Tiger Werke.

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The other day we published a report on Tiger Werke's Panther Ostwallturm, now another model on a similar theme - the Pantherturm.
  • Panther-Ostwallturm
Tiger Werke have just sent us details and images of their latest 1/35th scale release.
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News of some brand new Russian and US 1/35 scale resin figures from General Issue Resin Figures a sister company of Tiger Werke.

  • HQ-R-RH01
We are happy to announce the first of a long line of 1/72nd scale Row Houses from HQ72 Resin Products.
We are re-opening the business on 11/1/2007. More new and exciting products coming in the winter of 2007-2008 including the most accurate Panther Stellung ever produced to date featuring a Panther D turret with complete interior, corrected back plate and corrected rear turret hatch.
The last month or two has seen some interesting movements over the change of ownership of several brands of accesories and figures... Amongst them, is the well-known Tiger Werke brand... Now in this news story, the excellent news comes thru that Tiger Werke is very much back in business and that the 1/35 scale resin armor/diorama accessories are available again.
Tiger Productions Diorama Products is proud to announce the purchase of the Tiger Werke line of 1/35 scale products from VMD Studios.