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Book Review
135 Issue #11
Modern Warfare 02
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by: Carlos Martin [ VARANUSK ]


Hobbyworld has sent Armorama their new release of 135 magazine, which only features armoured vehicles and almost all at 1/35 scale. This issue is the second specialized in modern warfare, having only vehicles currently in service or recently retired.


The magazine is printed on good quality satin paper over 82 pages.
The content is exclusively made up of models, so there are no research or historic articles. However, you will find some information about each vehicle featured.

It is profusely illustrated with photos, which have no boundaries. Therefore more images fit on each page, or the ones are larger. Some views spread over two pages and photos occupying half of a page are common. Both general views and details of the models are covered.

It is noticeable that there are no advertisements at all, so all 82 pages are pure content.

Apart from being modern 1/35 vehicles, there is no other common line for the articles. While some are heavily modified and use photo etch and resin, others are built straight out of the box. Same for painting, each author uses different products and degrees of weathering for their models.

It is available also for digital purchase, in English or Spanish.

In this particular issue, you can find the following articles inside:

Meng DR9 Bulldozer by Zhang Luyang, built almost out of the box. It represents the armoured version used by Israel Armed Forces. The author explains the build, how he added some details and advices about potential issues and build sequence. There are plenty of photos for subassemblies and details. Then the paint process is briefly explained.

Trumpeter VCR-105 by Daniel García. This one has only photos of the finished model, and explains the build and paint of the vehicle plus the base.

Dragon M1A2 Abrams by Ricardo Chust, who thoroughly details all his work on a kit that is already showing its age. Using additional photo etch sets and barrel, he makes an outstanding model. He also provides step by step photos of the weathering process

Zvezda T-90 by Carlos Daniel Arteaga, a heavy weathered version of this Russian tank. Only two pages focused on the paint, and showing the finished vehicle. The author gives references to all the colours and pigments used, which is always useful.

Tamiya AMX Leclerc by Randy Chow, improved using several aftermarket sets. The white UN painting scheme is then extremely weathered with mud and rust.

Academy Stridsfordon 90/40B by Łukasz Orczyc Musiałek. There are in progress photos and explanations of the different techniques used, a very informative article

Trumpeter M1078 by Takahiro Sumitono, with photos only for the final result although very clear and detailed. As it was built out of the box, the text is mostly about the painting.

Meng Gaz-2330 by Artur Wałachowski, a dusty Russian 4x4 showing also the interior. Despite the author has done a great job weathering the interior, he hardly explains how he did so.

A mix of Italeri M923A1 with Revell Puma helicopter by Hakan Guney. A very imaginative conversion that is well explained. Once weathered,the vehicle could be easily used in Mad Max next movie.

Afghanistan street by Cesar Coca, the only diorama of this issue is a small scene with a building and six figures. The use of the colours is amazing, and the construction is thoroughly explained. This is perfect example of a scene that does not need big vehicles or combat action to be interesting.

Balaton Model DR9 Caterpillar by Przemyslaw Szymczyk. It is the only model at a different scale, 1/72, but as good as any other 1/35. Built almost out of the box, the article is mostly about painting, with several in progress photos that help following the detailed text. The base construction and finishing is also explained.
Highs: Focused on 1/35 modern armour exclusively. No advertising.
Lows: Some articles lack in progress photos
Verdict: If modern 1/35 armour models is your preferred subject, you will hardly find anything else on the whole magazine so it will be a nice addition to your library.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Suggested Retail: 12.95 €
  PUBLISHED: Jun 05, 2015

Our Thanks to Hobbyworld!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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