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In-Box Review
Jerry & 200l fuel container
WWII 20 Litre Jerry Can and 200 Litre Fuel Drum Set
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


This offering from Classy Hobby, is a great accompaniment to the M5A1 “Stuart” release in 1/16th scale. This offering arrives in an end opening card sleeve, inside of which is a flip top cardboard tray that provides great protection for the contents. Inside of the flip top container you will find 3 Ziploc plastic bags containing the model parts.

This set offers four 200ltr fuel drums and eight 20ltr Jerry cans. Beginning with the oil drums, these have been slide moulded which is an interesting choice for such a large item and has provided a very high level of detail. On the end of the moulded area you have raised lettering saying “Property Air Force US Army” and the large screw cap opening for extracting the contents and a smaller opening that allows the air to enter the can as the contents are removed. The base plate which will rarely be seen has LC.C-5NESCO 14-55-42 in raised lettering on it. You have been provided with eight of these base plates and the only clean up required is a small tab on the base plate and a very minor sanding on two points on the ridge of the main drum. I consider this to be exceptionally high quality moulding as the welded seem line down the side of the tank is present, but it will need to be removed on one side of the drum (one side only). These will make excellent storage items or even perhaps in a small diorama using figures sat on the drum or using the contents to feed the Stuart. A bonus on the Stuart model in this regard, is that the fuel caps are separate mouldings.

Moving on to the 20l Jerry cans, these have again been slide moulded with OMC and the re-enforcing cross indentation. There is some writing and badge detail on the underside of the Jerry can; unfortunately my eyes are not up to seeing it. On the opposite face of the Jerry cans USA is clearly present. The top of the cans have been provided separately, and two options are included. One has a screw cap on it, and the other a flip top lid present. On the top of the can one of the two options has US W Cavaue raised writing. The handles for the jerry cans have been provided separately and have the good three bar handle present, that is the limitation of this set.


These items from Classy Hobby, are excellent releases to accompany their M5A1 Stuart in 1/16th scale, or indeed any suitable 1/16th scale model of the right period. The detail throughout is of a high standard and I am very impressed with the way slide moulding has been utilised on both the oil drums and jerry cans. This has resulted in a very nicely detailed product for the modeller that will be easy to utilise as desired.
Darren Baker takes a look at a set of WWII 20 Litre Jerry Can and 200 Litre Fuel Drum Set from Classy Hobby in 1/16th scale and a great side offering for their M5A1 Stuart family.
  Scale: 1:16
  PUBLISHED: Aug 18, 2020
  NATIONALITY: United States

Our Thanks to Classy Hobby!
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