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Scratchbuilders!: Armor/AFV
This is a group for armor scratchbuilding questions, topics and projects.
Hosted by Mike Kirchoff
Welcome Back Jan!
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New Hampshire, United States
Joined: December 15, 2001
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Posted: Friday, May 03, 2002 - 12:15 AM UTC
I just wanted to welcome Jan (generalfailure) back from his Far Eastern vacation. He is also recouperating from feeling under-the-weather so I want to say:

G E T W E L L ! ! ! :-) :-) :-)

We missed your ugly mug (avatar) around here too. Lol

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United States
Joined: February 21, 2002
KitMaker: 1,561 posts
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Posted: Friday, May 03, 2002 - 12:20 AM UTC
I concur with Jim, welcome back Jan!!!
Or, shall I say GeneralFailure? It's all the same I guess....

Go Red Wings!!!
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Washington, United States
Joined: February 08, 2002
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Posted: Friday, May 03, 2002 - 02:43 AM UTC
Welcome back Jan. Hope you're feeling better.
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South Australia, Australia
Joined: January 09, 2002
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Posted: Friday, May 03, 2002 - 02:49 AM UTC
Welcome back Jan!
We all missed you so much...
Don't make it again!
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California, United States
Joined: December 01, 2001
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Posted: Friday, May 03, 2002 - 03:11 AM UTC
Welcome Back & Hope You Feel Better Soon!

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Croatia Hrvatska
Joined: February 13, 2002
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Posted: Friday, May 03, 2002 - 04:05 PM UTC
Welcome back General.. How's the Far East? Have you been able to visit some good modeling shops this time?

Once again, good to see you back and hope you'll feel better soon.

Mario M.

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European Union
Joined: February 15, 2002
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Posted: Sunday, May 05, 2002 - 12:45 AM UTC
Hey ! Thanks guys !

Good to be back after almost a month. No worry : I was on holiday for over 3 weeks and now I had some nasty virus that made me run from the bedroom to the bathroom and back for two days, but I'm quite OK again.

As it just kept pooring rain all day (no surprise : I live in Belgium ) I got back to the fuel cels. Pete's pics helped me big way. It will take me at least another few weeks to get there, but the fuel cells and pump system starts to take shape. I spent most of the day scratchbuilding the fuel nozzle. While the putty's drying, I have some time to check these pages before lunch.

A big thank you for all of you for the kind words, and my apologies for neglecting this forum for so long.

And no, Maki, I didn't see any modeling shops. I only found a few hours to spend alone in Hong Kong while my wife was shopping. I started those few hours sitting on a bench and enjoying the tropical late-afternoon sun with a coke and an ice-cream together with my 5 yrs old son (and a vast assorted crowd of Asian beauties working on their ), while watching the breathtaking view of Kowloon's seafront skyline, the smell of the sea and Chinese food , live music by a few students playing the bamboo flute and a fiddle. ...
And for some reason, I didn't think of looking for a model shop before my time was up.
Which makes me ponder : would I ever get back to modeling if I lived in a climate like that. Belgium is a modelers' paradise. The weather gives us absolutely no reason to want to get out of the house !

THanks for support,

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Colorado, United States
Joined: January 12, 2002
KitMaker: 5,000 posts
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Posted: Sunday, May 05, 2002 - 12:54 AM UTC
Welcome back Jan, glad to have you hanging around again. Now you too can put your nose to the grind stone and enter the Armorama contest. Good luck!


Oh, BTW, glad to hear you got rid of the Chinamen's 'quick step'...