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For discussions on tanks, artillery, jeeps, etc.
Garfagnana, Tuscany, 1944
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England - East Anglia, United Kingdom
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Posted: Saturday, December 16, 2017 - 11:50 PM UTC
Joseph shares his small-scale Marder diorama with us!

Link to Item

If you have comments or questions please post them here.

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Pennsylvania, United States
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Posted: Sunday, December 17, 2017 - 03:29 AM UTC
Nice work. I really like the water and how it was used to show motion in the scene. How did you make the background, did you scale down a picture or use a photo that was already available?
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Manitoba, Canada
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Posted: Sunday, December 17, 2017 - 09:00 AM UTC
Good imagination.
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Ancona, Italy
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Posted: Sunday, December 17, 2017 - 04:27 PM UTC
I created the background using a photo that I resized, retouched and printed to set the work. In practice I approached the diorama to the printed sheet on photographic paper and then I made several shots.
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Maryland, United States
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Posted: Sunday, December 17, 2017 - 09:11 PM UTC
Great job Giuseppe. Great seeing one of these venerable small scale kits made so well. Nice scratch built detail on the interior. Figures are painted nicely. Wonderful thing about these old ESCI kits is they gave you extrad....figures and stowage. Top marks. Bill
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Maryland, United States
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Posted: Wednesday, December 20, 2017 - 11:04 PM UTC
Well done. Nice balance of vehicle, water and land. Got to really appreciate the nice camo scheme on a smaller scale vehicle. Thanks for posting.
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Napoli, Italy
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Posted: Friday, December 29, 2017 - 10:50 PM UTC
Good job, Giuseppe. Nice details, considering the small scale. Bravo
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California, United States
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Posted: Sunday, December 31, 2017 - 08:13 PM UTC
Giuseppe, your little scene has a great sense of movement, and the water effects nicely camouflage those less-than-perfect ESCI tracks too! Well done.