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If Revell And Monogram Are The Same Company
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Posted: Sunday, September 01, 2019 - 11:41 PM UTC

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Revell 03206 and 03236 kits are both new-tool, and bear no relation to the old Monogram kit. I reviewed the 03206 kit here.

Steve, do you know any reason why the official recognition model scale was set at 1:34? Seems an odd scale, not derived by dividing full-size units by anything sensible...

During the Second World War, the Army recognition model scale was 1/36th (one inch equals three feet), and the slush-cast white metal recognition models were reissued by the private manufacturers for years after the war as children's toys. These would have been familiar to Monogram's designers. Perhaps 1/35th was an attempt to make the scale a bit less "British" for sale in metric countries (though the metric system favors units that end in zero, not five). And of course, in 1/35th scale, a 5'10" man is exactly two inches tall.
I don't have information on current recognition models, though 1/34th is a scale sometimes favored for some of the more expensive die-cast metal models of commercial vehicles. No idea why, unless it's just the short guys' revenge (a 5'8" man is two inches tall in that scale).

That's it. I goofed. I knew it wasn't 1/35 and that it was one digit off. Thank you for that.

There are still die cast 1/34 trucks. The shop I used to work in sold them. They made a few Macks that would work for the WW2 versions.

The RoG M48A2 is an all new kit and very nice build. It's weird looking if you're used to the Tamiya/Academy kits since it's suspension is the proper height. I also have the M48A2GA2 in the stash.

5'8" is average human height. Not short just average. I should be shrinking to that height is another 20 years or so. Already lost an inch since my 50th birthday.